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Bigen SA was established in 1991 by the Late Maurice Pendleton – Browne, In City Hairdressing Supplies (Pty) Ltd introduced an exciting hair colour product to the hair care market as the sole distributor of Bigen Powder Hair Dye in Southern Africa, a product manufactured in Japan by Hoyu Co. Ltd since 1905. Sold worldwide in more than 70 countries, this product has since become a name synonymous for being safe, gentle on hair and easy to use.

Currently under new management, In City Hairdressing Supplies (Pty) Ltd continues the vision of its Founder to have Bigen Powder Hair Dye gain market share in the hair colour industry by continuing to provide a quality guaranteed product and excellent service throughout

Bigen SA

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Looking to get rid of those ugly grey hairs?

Why not try out some of our Hair Dye products from Bigen South Africa. We have a wide range of hair dyes to suit all types of hair, to view our full range feel free to browse our website! Phone: 039 312 0651 Email: [email protected]

Are your wanting to get that beautiful, shiny hair?

Well then look no further than Bigen SA, were we have got all you could possibly need! With our hair products we can ensure you a vibrant, beautiful and natural hair colour, without the normal mess and fuss! With our wide range of products we have got something for all hair types. Feel free to […]

Get our Bigen Hair dye and forget about those pesky grey hairs!

Use our amazing hair dyes and get the hair you have always wanted! With our easy to use applicator you don’t have to clean up afterwards. Feel free to browse our website to find out more! Phone: 039 312 0651 Email: [email protected]

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